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BOTOX – what do you think when you hear the word Botox?  For me, not knowing much on such cosmetic procedures, I immediately think frozen forehead…plastic shiny face…Beverly Hills Housewives with nothing better to do and too much money! Then whilst talking to a client of my own, I was intrigued when I’d heard how she used Botox to deal with chronic sweating.  A problem, she had suffered silently with for many years! Yes, we can all put our hands up and say from time to time you get sweat stains on certain tops or materials as you were warm, it was humid, and the material wasn’t breathable.  But what if you have tried every last deodorant under the sun – tried all sorts of lotions and potions, tablets and creams but you still sweat profusely even after showering in winter as if it was a hot day in the tropics. Since that initial conversation, I’ve met quite a number of other girls (as I work with women mainly) who expressed the same problem and with fabulous feedback on how life changing a procedure this is for my initial client, I went straight to the source to find out more on the pro’s and con’s of using botox for persistent and profuse sweat problems. Enter Dr, Farah Mydin!

Dr. Farah is a GP in Donegal Town who also caters to select clients with her Botox clinics.  I decided we’d get down to the nitty gritty on what exactly botox is and can it actually treat such ailments as was described to me, or is it simply a cosmetic procedure for the rich! Over to you Dr. Farah….

What is Botox? 

First of all, we need to be clear that botox is a brand, the actual drug is called Botulinum Toxin Type A and comes in many different brands. Examples would be Botox, Dysport, Azzalure to mention a few; essentially it’s the same ingredient. For simplicity sake, let’s just call it Toxin or toxin treatment for now.


For the beauty lover, is the use of toxin treatments something that can benefit us in staying young?

The answer is mostly a resounding NO! There are some medical uses for it which I will get to later on. But from an aesthetic point of view, no one needs toxin treatment – it’s more of an indulgence. If you want your wrinkles gone or reduced, then YES, toxin is your answer, we know it will work. It’s been proven time and time again. A few little pricks and watch the lines disappear slowly within 2 weeks!

What are the CON’s to using toxin treatment?

  • It’s expensive. Let’s face it, there is no cheap alternative. The product itself is super expensive and due to licensing, medical insurance etc, having a treatment with a reputable practitioner will cost you! You need to beware of cheap offers… you’d need to think about who is doing it? Are they qualified and insured? Are they a registered medical professional? Where is the product from? How much of it is being used? In the ROI, its only medical doctors and dentists that are licensed to administer toxin treatment.
  • It’s addictive. Once you have your frown lines, crows feet or worry lines disappear, you’ll never want them back! The most common myth with Toxin treatment is “You need to keep it up, otherwise, your lines will worsen”. This is simply not true. The toxin causes a temporary paralysis of the small muscles it’s injected into, once it has been metabolized by the body, the muscle function returns to normal, and your wrinkles are back! People forget what this is like and blame the toxin for making them look “worse”! One important fact (it may sound like a marketing ploy but trust me, it’s not) the more toxin treatments you have done, the longer it actually lasts for you.
  • Unrealistic expectations. If the lines are too deep and skin elasticity is gone, then toxin treatment is not going to give you the results you desire. However, a good practitioner should advise you regarding your suitability for treatment. If wrinkles bother you, tackle it early. Prevention is better than the cure.
  • It has complications. The most common ones are bruising and bleeding. Bruising is more common around the eye area as there are many small delicate vessels here. Bruising is rarely significant and in the majority of cases, can be covered up by some concealer. Bleeding usually settles after a few minutes. The needle used is extremely tiny. However, when it pierces the skin there will obviously be a spot of blood. A little bit of pressure and it stops! No dramas! The most feared complication is the droopy eye lid. Touch wood I haven’t seen this happen to my clients…but being precise with technique, the location of injection and quantity will avoid this rare complication!

What are the PRO’s to using toxin treatment?

  • Wrinkle reduction. Don’t worry, you won’t be FROZEN! People that are frozen or look like they have had ‘work done’, often have had too much work done! I believe in a more natural improvement. It’s an art to fine tune the location, quantity, and distribution of toxin on different facial muscles to achieve less-wrinkles but still have some movement and a more youthful glow.
  • No down time. This is excellent because you can even get it done on your lunch break! During the time of injection, there will be tiny “blebs” and maybe pin size points of bleeding which all resolves very quickly.
  • You get a youthful glow. With toxin treatment, your skin would appear fresher and less “dull” or “tired” looking.

It has many medical uses apart from making us younger looking which brings us to the issue of profuse sweating! Some people are unfortunate and suffer a condition called Hyperhidrosis of underarms, palms, and soles of feet. This means they sweat excessively and are very limited to what they wear to avoid very obvious thus embarrassing wet patches on clothes. It’s a difficult situation to be in and can really hinder one’s self-esteem. Toxin administered with a different technique to these sweaty areas will almost instantaneously stop this problem! It works a treat and most of my clients that get this done can be sweat free for up to 8 months!

There is nothing to be afraid of… effects are temporary so if you don’t like it, you’d never have to get it done again! Give it a go and I’m sure you’ll love it. Trust me, I’m a doctor!

Dr. Farah has kindly attached a video (with her client’s consent) of her receiving treatment for hyperhidrosis. As you will be able to see, it’s very quick and the client is not distressed in any way.  She simply administers the toxin treatment in small amounts around the problematic area in seconds! The client in question has had a few treatments at this stage and as Dr. Farah mentioned, each time she has had a treatment the results last longer and is now sweat free for up to 8 months! She now wears colored clothing, sleeveless tops, isn’t afraid to go out without a dark jacket on which she wore even on warm summer days, and having one shower is adequate as she no longer sweats excessively straight out of washing.  The big thing for her, however, is that her confidence has grown immensely and she feels free from the silence of excessive sweating.

Working in the wedding industry, and hearing many of my own client’s consciousness and worries of sweating on their costly wedding gowns, this topic truly sat with me and intrigued me, but I had one more question for Dr. Farah…where’s does the sweat go?

‘Okay, so where does the sweat go? Theoretically, there is a small risk that you might get sweaty at the small of your back or places like hands and feet if getting the underarms treated. However, in clinical practice, I haven’t found this to be a problem.’

If you feel this is a treatment that may benefit you or someone you know, why not get in contact with Dr. Farah and book a private consultation (details below)!  This may indeed be a life-changing treatment for you or someone you love in combating excessive sweating.

To contact Dr. Farah at your nearest clinic, here are the details:


Killybegs Medical Practice – 0749731148

Ardara Dental 0749541933 or Facebook: Ardara Dental

Genesis Salon , 0749532575 or Facebook: Genesis Salon 

Prices: Anti wrinkle injections from €200. Treatment for hyperhidrosis is from €500. Procedures tailor made to suit specific requirements, therefore prices are just a guideline.