Bridesmaid Hair SOS | Up-styles!

So you’re a bridesmaid…and you are having the sweats thinking about what you’re going to have to do with your hair for you sister/friend/aunts big day! The thought of a ‘wedding upstyle’ for some girls, sends shivers to their core!  What about that lovely ‘tight’ pulled/slicked back hairstyle…you know the one…it’s like a cheap alternative to a face lift look!  Or indeed, the fabulous/dreaded ‘set-look’ where your hair is sprayed within an inch of its life/fire hazard look! Fear no more…here are my top picks – the looks I’ve seen out and about that will suit most and cover all tastes, plus no fire extinguishers will be required for any of these!

Very few of the bridal party, bar the bride, will have trialed her hair and makeup.  I could put money on this – at almost every wedding morning, there’s always at least one girl on a mad dash to find something suitable for her hair on Pinterest.  99% of the time, most brides are very easy-going about what her bridal party chooses.  The only stipulation that they may choose is that their team, choose some sort of up-style or down style in keeping with the day.   Up-styles in my own experience, are more dominant.  It allows you to show off your neckline, the neckline of the dress and perhaps the back of the dress, so you can see why it’s the more chosen style!

♥ Top Tip ♥

In my experience as a makeup artist, and also working alongside bridal hair stylists, a long winded explanation on a hairstyle (I can always feel the hairdresser’s eyes rolling even if you can’t see them)  will simply not cut the mustard for the style you have kept locked up in your imagination! SO….why not come prepared or at least have a wee google or look on Pinterest that morning and save some images to your camera roll!  It’s a fantastic idea to have some images of inspiration on hand so you and the hairdresser know exactly what look you’re aiming for! Remember, your hair type, how much hair you have etc will dictate how close to the image style the hairdresser can achieve. You’ll save time and a lot of effort explaining what you want, plus, get off to a great start with less fussing over the look in the end when you have images! Remember, she/he is not a mind reader after all!

♥ Note to self…♥

Bear in mind, an image of styles in a fairer hair color eg blondes, even read heads, will photograph or showcases better…why????  Fair tones show up more intricate or detailed styles due to the how the light reflects on the tones in their hair.    The light simply doesn’t catch the detail as well on brunettes, but us brunettes naturally have shinier hair, so not all is lost gals!

So, if you fall into the category of ‘I never wear my hair up, Christ what am I going to show the hairdresser’, then here are a few of the most common and stunning up-styles I see when I’m out and about! ‘Sure-fire looks’ that will suit most girls and can be worn back or away from the face, with a fringe or with loose falling curls.

Check out my top ten and be sure to click the link for over 80 stunning hair looks on my Pinterest board —>>> The Hair 


♥ A low elegant knot or twist ♥

♥ A tussled ponytail ♥

♥ Fishtail braid – very intricate ♥

♥ Boho chic plate around the base of the head ♥

♥ Loose height with full curls ♥

♥ Twisted Chignon ♥

♥ Twists with largely pulled braids ♥

♥ Exaggerated bun with height ♥

♥ Loosely tussled with flat braid around the whole head ♥

♥ Red carpet take on a modern loose chignon ♥

♥ Boho low pinned curls ♥