DIY Wooden Wedding Décor

Are you a lover of DIY? If you’re thinking of adding that personalized touch, many couples opt for wooden accessories to add an elegant yet bespoke touch to their big day!  I’m delighted to have guest blogger, Sarah Jones from The DIY Hammer , share her advice on wooden elements you can work into your wedding day for that alternative feel.  Bring the outdoors inside, or even elaborate on your wedding style by adding arches, ladders, and canopys in your own DIY fashion…

Wood Wedding Décor You Can Make Yourself

Wood décor offers a chance to make a statement.  This kind of DIY decorations can save you lots of money and make your wedding day look fantastic.  Wooden touches often offer a classy yet rustic feel.  The atmosphere is a comfortable, loving one filled with these touches along with flowers and other personalization for the perfect day.

Wedding Arches

Many couples choose wedding arches over an altar to conduct their ceremony.  Many like the symbolism it provides, and some like it because it just provides a lovely focal point for the wedding ceremony, especially outdoor ceremonies. One of the original meanings behind the arch or canopy came from Jewish traditions.  Here, four posts of some sort and a white linens or blanket were used to create a canopy designed to offer protection to the couple as they begin their new lives as a family here.  It has other meanings as well.  Some think it represents Biblical times when Abraham was alive.  His tent (described as an arch or canopy) represents love, protection, and hospitality.

Lovely Designs

Wedding arches have a wide array of beautiful designs.  A canopy or arch decorated with lights and flowers are some of the most popular.  Other considerations could be two beautiful doors, painted to whatever color you choose adorned with white flowers.  Some create an arch of lights using trees to help hang them from with many candles placed at the bottom.  Some have built arches purely out of flowers.  There are driftwood arches with flowers and candles used for beach settings, and metal arches you can place anywhere and decorate how you see fit are also another top choice.  You can easily make your arch or canopy for your ceremony too.

Build Your Own

You can quickly create your beautiful arch and decorate it with lights, photos, or gorgeous flowers.  Arches made out of almost anything, but usually, you need some material that can bend, or that is already hooked.  Wooden archways, pergolas, or standing structures are also easy to make.  You will need several pieces of wood for the base, and then for the top, you can create a scalloped look, or add additional pieces to frame the structure a bit more.  The job can be fun and easy too when using the proper tools. You can use branches, ladders and many doors and doorways and many other options to build your beautiful archway or canopy.

Wedding arches are simple, beautiful, and meaningful.  You can create your arch for your wedding and save a lot of money.  Decorating the arch with linens, lights, or flowers gives it a magical touch you, your husband, and your guests won’t soon forget.

Guest Blogger Bio: Sarah is the writer of The DIY Hammer. She writes about methods, tools, and safety measures when doing home improvement projects. Learn more on her blog!