Makeup 101 | Beat Dark Circles, Lighten & Brighten in Seconds!

Diminishing dark circles is much easier than you think! I now LOVE and cherish my skin tone.  I’ve learned to enhance my traditional pale Irish complexion and really only embraced it since I’ve hit my 30s!  Over the years, I’ve tried and tested many many concealers to hide my dark circles.  Being of a paler complexion, in Winter, my then very pale Vitamin D lacking skin tone accentuates my dark circles with the backdrop of my dark hair!  I’ve often been asked when wearing no make (which brings me back to my school days and brainless boys acting smart)  ‘are you ok – you look a bit ill’ or ‘you remind me of the girl from The Ring’  (which is no compliment), so I know a thing or two about dark circles and working in makeup means, I also have tried and tested many products to aid with perfect concealing!

Check out my step-by-step tips on not only concealing your dark circles but brightening and lightening your look all in a few sweeps of a brush!

What you need!

Cream concealer | Today, I’m using a medium coverage cream liquid concealer, fabulous for day to day wear – I’m loving this product at the moment and is one of my staple personal makeup bag favourites – PAESE Brightening Concealer €11.99

A fluffy blending brush | E36 Concealer/ Blending Brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics is a bargain at €7.99

♥ Lighten & Brighten ♥

The trick to hiding dark circles (very different to eye bags which is loosening of the skin under the eye) is to:

  1. Conceal using a light textured cream/liquid based concealer. A heavy stick concealer is simply too obvious and heavy and as your makeup wears throughout the day, it will have a tendency to dry out and cake sitting in any fine lines or crows feet! Not a good look! Creamy liquid concealer will conceal and add hydration to the eye area and are buildable ie you can layer them until you’re happy with the coverage.
  2. Use a brightening product with a slight illuminator to reflect the light. A lighter shade than your foundation will add soft focus to the eye area. This gives the illusion of brightening effortlessly to the on-lookers eye!

Simply dot your chosen concealer under the eyes and using a fluffy blending brush, in circular motions, begin to blend the product. Start at the inner eye, and blend upwards towards the temples.  You can do this on skin alone for a natural day look without foundation, or over foundation.

 You can brighten your entire look for a fresh-faced makeup by adding a touch of concealer in the following areas:

  • Between the brows
  • Down the bridge of the nose
  • Cupids bow / top lip
  • Chin

I sometimes add a little concealer either side of my nose near my nostrils (as I get a little reddening around this area) and this helps hide and diminish any redness (broken capillaries from blowing my nose due to sinus) and even out my skin tone.

♥ Top Tip ♥

Use a brush for an airbrushed effect or for long-lasting under eye concealing, lightly seal with translucent loose powder!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my favourite concealers including budget concealers that really work! Now go forth and conceal …

Kerry Harvey



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