This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence – that’s one hell of a statement! Immediately I think WOW, what a title, then I read the small print just under the blocked title and thought…Hmmmm ‘Your beautician in a bottle, a daily treatment to reduce skin imperfections’.  I’m ‘a bit Irish’ in my thinking at times, especially when you hear extreme boastful statements whereby you think ‘yeah right, sure we’d all be using this if that was the case’.  So I just had to try it out!

Over the past year, being a makeup artist in the bridal industry, I decided I’d share my experiences and begin a blog (a bit late to the show but I’Ve 9 years of useful knowledge I tended to find myself repeating with almost every client).  Not only that but it was time to really play ball and get on top of my skin game (which I’m practically obsessed with now (and I’m in my early 30’s just to add)).

I’ve seen the THIS WORKS product range about for a while.  I tended to bypass it as I had my go-to products, plus I felt the packaging was cute but not attractive enough for a higher-end, over the counter type skincare range.  Whilst doing some research on top rated products that aid the addition of hydration to your skin, I came across the No Wrinkles Wonder Essence by This Works.  Kathy Phillips, who was international beauty director for VOGUE and knows a thing or two about what works, and what is, in fact, a gimmick, took inspiration from Asian skin care treatments which the beauty world are obsessed with at the moment and created This Works.  I was intrigued so when I had the opportunity to try the product out, of course, I introduced it into my routine to see what all the fuss was about!

Over the period of 2 months, I popped this apparent miracle ‘water’ on my face after cleansing and before my normal serum.  I was pretty dubious to start off with, simply because it was a strange smelling water that pumped from a beautiful cleanly designed tall round dispenser…I mean ‘water’ – we wash our faces with the stuff – we don’t normally run it into our skin.  I’m a combination/sensitive skin type, so I tend to dehydrate on the outer areas of my face with quite an oily T-zone and enlarges pores! Yes, I’ve embraced the fact the centre of my face is oily – the plus side being, I’ll age slower but I still have to contend with enlarged pores around and on my nose, that tend to fill and highlight with makeup due to this oiliness!

No Wrinkles Wonder Essence is supposed to refine fine lines (check – under eyes/sides of mouth) even skin-tone (check – I’ve a few imperfections around my face such as some damaged dark spots from a few pesky blemishes that haven’t dimmed) plus it minimises pores! Hellaluea – if this stuff really works and it says it does, then we’re onto a winner!

Religiously I popped this on every morning after my cleanse – I normally feel tight after cleansing and the immediate need to get moisture into my skin asap! No Wrinkles Wonder Essence has hyaluronic acid which is a humectant or moisture absorbing element, naturally found in our skin but diminishes with age when we shrivel up! This not only adds moisture in 2 pumps, but aids the skin’s ability to absorb your additional serums and moisturiser on a multi-cellular level i.e. it won’t just sit on top of the skin and not sink in!  I noticed after only a few tries that my skin felt hydrated – I still needed my moisturiser, but I didn’t feel like I would crack if I had to do without! I’d pop 2 pumps of this ‘water’ (which it is – it’s just runny clear water) into my palm, warm it between my hands and in a gentle patting/rolling motion, push my palms with the product dispersed,  into my skin.  It has an almost cooling but very refreshing feel – slightly tacky for about 2 seconds, then it’s gone! So 1-0 to No Wrinkles Wonder Essence!

I continued for a few weeks not thinking of the product but then a friend asked me how it was going and I realised that my skin had begun to even out – I didn’t feel as dehydrated around my face, and my T-zone, although it had a shine, wasn’t as oily! My makeup would sit perfectly and that shine I’d always see by lunchtime (around my nose/chin and forehead) didn’t need to be touched up or powdered – my skin had a lovely freshness when it settled into my makeup! 2-0 to No Wrinkles Wonder Essence.

Asian products are known for their balancing agents, plus properties of exfoliation!  They prefer to lightly yet continuously exfoliate in the form of ingredients in their products rather than pulling at the skin with scrub/harsh products – we don’t want to add to those fine lines and furrows after all! It’s all about gently helping the skin exfoliate and then regenerate with the addition of the moisture element plumping the skin for a beautiful natural radiance! Protease enzymes which sweep away dead skin cells are also an integral part of this product and in turn naturally brightening your skin! Those pesky dark marks from past blemishes had minimised and even lightened! I was seeing obvious results in 8 weeks of this product use! It takes up to 6 weeks for a product to show any small signs of benefiting your skin and this started showing results on week 2!

My skin is clearer, more balanced and although I’m not gone on the smell of the product (smells like a Chinese medicine shop – totally masks over when you pop your serum/moisturiser on) it does what it says on the tin! I’ve even gone day minus any makeup as I feel my dark circles aren’t as bad! And I’d NEVER be seen without concealer at the very least especially during these tan-less cold winter/spring months !!! 3-0 to No Wrinkles Wonder Essence.

All in all, a great product – well worth the additional 3 seconds it takes to apply and for 60ml this will last you quite a while! A fabulous addition for a bride-to-be who wants to up their skin care routine without the cost of professional facial treatment, or any girl needing a quick addition to even out their skin before shipping the kids off to school or running out the door to work! 2 pumps are more than enough to cover your face!

There is however only one claim on the title that was unfounded – ‘beautician in a bottle’ – it hasn’t the ability to give you a neck massage whilst your product sinks in! Ah well  I guess you can’t have it all!  Get your This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence locally in Eske Pharmacy Donegal Town for €39.00 or from This Works online.

Kerry Harvey