The ULTIMATE Radiance Boosting Facial!

I’m simply going to be frank…if you love to relax and a great facial, then I’ll let you in on a little secret!

A few weeks back I was treated to an Anne Semonin Precious Pearl Facial and boy was it worth every second!  I’m the kind of girl that loves her beauty bits, but facials, at times, can seem like a chore or so boring that you literally are counting down the minutes in your head until you can go! This, however, totally blew my mind as to how enjoyable and sense-awakening a truly fabulous facial can be.  Not only that, but the results were immediate and lasted for a few days post treatment which I’m happy to say I’ve added to by introducing one of their fabulous serums into my night cleanse routine!

The Precious Pearl facial is new to the Anne Semonin range of treatments and can be booked at the gorgeous spa in the 5 star Solis Lough Eske Castle.  Solis spa is one of two stockists in Ireland to have this luxurious product range.  Made from pure cultured pearls which are rich in amino acids, with a combination or aragonite (a form of calcium carbonate) and conchiolin (a protein), this fabulous product stimulates the skin’s function to increase elasticity and radiance, with instant lifting and firming!

My 5* Experience

From the moment I entered the room, the aroma of these products combined with the 5 star spa experience is one I will never forget.  Each Anne Semonin treatment is individual and tailored to you solely.  To begin, after a thorough consultation with my wonderful therapist Emma, products and elixirs were hand-picked best suited to my skin type.  I’m a combination skin type but often feel many rich products simply make my skin itch, become irritated and even a little sensitive.   Even the most expensive ‘sensitive’ type products can be a hit or miss for me.  I was expecting to have that ‘want to wash’ feeling as soon as I’d make it back to the changing room.  Quite the opposite! My skin was glowing! I mean I looked so healthy, with a fabulously flushed look that we makeup artists spend hours trying to replicate (even on the best skin bases).  Combined with an arm, shoulder and head massage whilst the products did their damnedest to make me look 20 again, I could have stayed there all day and night wrapped in the scent and cosy warmth of the room.

Emma began with a double cleanse and then proceeded to carry out exfoliation incorporating various elixirs to cater to my problematic areas with a mix of massage encouraging drainage, drawing away all of those pesky toxins we tend to carry…yes even in our faces – de-puff and de-stress!  The application of the pearl mask was a real sense pleaser.  It was cooling and had a wonderfully refreshing feeling as it set.  Once removed (it peels away in one – love that) my skin felt super hydrated and plump beyond belief!

The Verdict

The treatment took approximately 90mins – if it had lasted 9hrs, I’d have not complained one little bit! I normally suffer from very dark circles, hence my ‘desert island must have’ would always be concealer.  I looked so refresh that I’d no need to add concealer, or was even worried about leaving the spa to meet anyone who may double take at my pale complexion and dark circles – why? Because  I simply looked radiant with no need for concealer.  This for me, hands down is the best facial I have experienced! It was thorough, relaxing, and non-invasive, yet the results were immediate and obvious and lasted most of the week!

Who’s This Facial For?

This facial is perfect for any bride-to-be or girl who wants an immediate result! I’m literally screaming it from the rafters. The perfect gift or treat for the week of your wedding.  No need to worry, this will not stimulate your skin to detox in a deep cleansing fashion – rather it will relax, hydrate and give you that added glow!  I write from a wedding point of view as this is my industry but in all honesty, this is the perfect gift for any women whether it be your mum, mother-in-law, or you’re looking for a lovely leaving gift for the girl in accounts at work.

Details | Price

At €160 for a 90min facial, this is truly a treat and one to be had by all beauty lovers! Put your old ‘wink, wink’ ‘nudge, nudge’ skills to the test with your better half…he’ll thank you for giving him a go-to present for those ‘hard to think of’ occasions where a good gift is a must – plus if you mention my name (Kerry Harvey or Kerry Harvey Designs) when booking at Solis Lough Eske Castle Hotel, you’ll receive the facial for €130.00!

Aftercare | Product Must Have’s

To continue my spa experience at home, I’ve been using the Anne Semonin Precious Serum (€119.00) at night  – one/two drops after my cleansing routine before bed.  This beautiful product aids cell renewal and replenishes the skin whilst you sleep for a more radiant you when you awaken!   Plus the smell, yet again, will help you nod off into a deep relaxing slumber! I am a lover of scents, so the combination of a product that not only smells good but also works, makes me a very happy bunny.

On my ‘to buy’ list, is the Anne Semonin Precious Pearl Youth Radiance Elixir.  Packed full of anti-aging ingredients plus hyaluronic acid which acts like a sponge to hydration with vitamins such as F, A & E which strengthen yet softens the skin’s appearance, and Rose Leaf Cells to reinforce yet protect from premature ageing.  This is a very nice addition to your bathroom cabinet and a fabulous product for any gal looking to add a truly stunning product to her anti-aging routine! Currently retailing at €330.00 in Harrods, Harrods Online or via the

In a nutshell, for me, the Precious Pearl Facial from Anne Semonin is my number one as 5 star facials go! Be sure to try it out if you get the chance – a truly memorable experience and fantastic treatment on the whole!

Kerry Harvey